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  • The hottest Dojo around

    The hottest Dojo around

    Hey there, it's springtime( well almost)! I'm here to tell you about our awesome Kenpo program geared for today's environment! We are very proud to teach the IKCA style of Kenpo karate! This system is geared to give you the tools to get functional fast! We also Teach Ki-do-ryu jiu-jitsu and West bay combative's. Come in and find out what training at West bay can do for you! Give us a call today and find out why we are Warwicks Hottest Dojo!! ....

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  • Happy New year!!

    Happy New year!!

    Kick the New Year in right with martial arts!! That's right, martial arts is a great way to get your body in shape while keeping your mind keen, it's one of the only exercises that utilize both your mind and body! We offer classes in IKCA style Kenpo, Japanese Jiu-jitsu, and our own West bay combative's giving you an all-around great self-defense repertoire as well as a great workout!!! call today and start your martial arts journey with the best studio around!! ....

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  • Train at the best Dojo around!!

    Train at the best Dojo around!!

    Hey There!! looking into martial arts training? Did you stop in at one of the big mini-mall studios and see 50 students in the class and have someone give the big sales pitch? Well folks I'm here to tell you that there's a place that you can get expert Martial arts instruction and a smaller class size, which is done by design, giving you more personal attention! don't get lost in the crowd!! Don't sign your life away on a contract and pay those big tuition fees!! Come down to West Bay martial arts academy, a dojo that has over 25 years of experience and a staff that is certified to teach our art! Come down and experience the difference today! ....

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  • We're back!!

    We're back!!

    Hey there, with the restrictions of covid-19 easing up it's a great time to get in shape for summer and maybe learn some self-defense skills, our Kenpo Jiu-jitsu program is a great way to do that!! We offer in-person group lessons, Zoom classes, and private classes to fit your busy lifestyle. Call today! ....

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  • Kick in the new year!!

    Hey there, thank you for checking our site, we are proud to announce some new programs rolling out this year, stay tuned! New times and more online training for you!! With all of the crazy business out in todays environment training in the martial arts is a MUST! We at West bay Martial arts academy are committed to your safety. This year we are adding more classes to our Jiu~ Jitsu combative course as well as more Zoom classes! That's right more training opportunity's for you and your family to train at the best studio around. Come see the difference, Call today! ....

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  • Fall is here once again!!

    Well its been quite a year, and its been a while for a update from me, I've been insanely busy filming classes for our new distance learning classes, come check them out. Let me tell you about our new programs, like the new Zoom classes we've added, it's been great for those folks that can't come in to the studio to train. Also out tutorials' in our video library free to use as part of our membership. I've added more class times for people to come in and get the best training in Kenpo Karate ,and Jiujitsu anywhere around!! Sooooo, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! " Call today!! ....

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  • Kenpo karate anyone??

    Kenpo karate anyone??

    Kenpo Karate anyone?? Why haven't you taken advantage of the best deal in town, in the best club in town??? We're running a fantastic offer and time is quickly running out!!! We are starting a new beginner's class in February and March! So don't delay give us a call today and join the fun!! ....

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  • January madness!!

    January madness!!

    Hey there, just updating you on all the happenings at the studio this month, 1st off, we had an absolutely awesome promotion this month for folks looking to try either our Kenpo karate program or our jiu-Jitsu combative program 2 months with uniform and belt for 99.00!!! It's an awesome deal for anyone looking to try martial arts. Next to the January promotion in our Adult Kenpo karate program, super proud of these folks for the hard work and self-discipline they are a credit to our studio So, what are you waiting for come on down and try out a couple of classes you'll be glad you did!!!! ....

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  • Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year! Wow-what a great spring and holiday season we had here at the academy, new students, great training and great times, we're expanding our popular Kenpo Karate program and are currently starting our new beginners karate program designed to be lean and mean!! So come on down and give it a try!! to find out more, go to our schedule for class times see you there!! ....

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  • It's finally Fall !

    It's finally Fall !

    Hi Folks well its Fall once again and the classes at West bay martial arts have been nothing less than spectacular, we are running a Fall special offer. Check it out!! ....

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