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  • Kenpo karate anyone??

    Kenpo karate anyone??

    Kenpo Karate anyone?? Why haven't you taken advantage of the best deal in town, in the best club in town??? We're running a fantastic offer and time is quickly running out!!! We are starting a new beginner's class in February and March! So don't delay give us a call today and join the fun!! ....

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  • January madness!!

    January madness!!

    Hey there, just updating you on all the happenings at the studio this month, 1st off, we had an absolutely awesome promotion this month for folks looking to try either our Kenpo karate program or our jiu-Jitsu combative program 2 months with uniform and belt for 99.00!!! It's an awesome deal for anyone looking to try martial arts. Next to the January promotion in our Adult Kenpo karate program, super proud of these folks for the hard work and self-discipline they are a credit to our studio So, what are you waiting for come on down and try out a couple of classes you'll be glad you did!!!! ....

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  • Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year! Wow-what a great spring and holiday season we had here at the academy, new students, great training and great times, we're expanding our popular Kenpo Karate program and are currently starting our new beginners karate program designed to be lean and mean!! So come on down and give it a try!! to find out more, go to our schedule for class times see you there!! ....

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  • It's finally Fall !

    It's finally Fall !

    Hi Folks well its Fall once again and the classes at West bay martial arts have been nothing less than spectacular, we are running a Fall special offer. Check it out!! ....

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  • New Fall Schedule!!

    New Fall Schedule!!

    Hi, Folks Well it's back to school and a great time to start martial arts training at Warwick's best little studio around!! We are a family orientated academy. We offer classes in Kenpo Karate and Jiu-Jitsu for men, women, and teens. Call today for details!!! ....

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  • The dog days of summer!!

    The dog days of summer!!

    Howdy!! I hope your summer is doing as well as ours has been at the studio, this summer we have had a great time with our Adaptive Kenpo Karate program, we had some of the best belt testings I can remember! Our Adult Kenpo programs were absolutely awesome and we even had a few new faces joining us. Our jiu-jitsu program has also seen some new students who really kick butt!! Now my question to you is WHERE WERE YOU? We are starting some new beginners programs in the next couple of week and a very special going back to school offer, stay tuned!! for more info please give us a call to either view a class or try one out!! ....

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  • Time is running out!!

    Time is running out!!

    Wow, If you still haven't signed up for the best martial arts deal in Warwick you Still have one more week!! That's right May 31st it's over!! just 99.00 for 3 months and a free uniform and unlimited classes in any one of our 3 disciplines!! So what are you waiting for?? Give us a call today! ....

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  • Kick In Spring with Kenpo Karate!!!

    Kick In Spring with Kenpo Karate!!!

    Hi Folks, I have to say that this spring is going to be the best yet at West Bay Martial arts We have an exciting new class line up as well as new members beginners classes now 5 days a week that's right, so come in and see what everyone's been talking about at the premiere martial arts training in Warwick. We offer classes in Kenpo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and traditional Iaido. ....

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  • Head Instructor David Ghigliotty

    Owner & Head Instructor
    Our story began years ago in East Providence At Munroe Dairy our 1st dojo which the students nicknamed “the Dungeon “ is where we taught primarily Ki-Do-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu with some judo grappling added in, the workouts were very tough. The 1st group of students were the ones who gave it that name, and it was a great time for learning and examining the art of self-defense in a very open atmosphere, I had the help of some very talented martial artist that would stop by from time to time and it just was great! After I left my position at the dairy I decided to move the dojo closer to home, living in Warwick I found a place in West Warwick and we ....

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  • What are you waiting for?????

    What are you waiting for?????

    Hi folks, well the winter is finally winding down (hopefully!) and its time to start your New Years resolution!! Maybe its to lose some weight, maybe its to get into shape, maybe it's both, well have I got the answer for you!! Martial arts training!!! Yep right here at West Bay Martial arts academy the premier martial arts studio in Warwick! Were starting the spring off with a bang!!! That's right, were offering new classes for beginners and have expanded our class line up offering you more times to get your workout in. come try us out I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. ....

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