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  • Time is running out!!

    Time is running out!!

    Wow, If you still haven't signed up for the best martial arts deal in Warwick you Still have one more week!! That's right May 31st it's over!! just 99.00 for 3 months and a free uniform and unlimited classes in any one of our 3 disciplines!! So what are you waiting for?? Give us a call today! ....

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  • Kick In Spring with Kenpo Karate!!!

    Kick In Spring with Kenpo Karate!!!

    Hi Folks, I have to say that this spring is going to be the best yet at West Bay Martial arts We have an exciting new class line up as well as new members beginners classes now 5 days a week that's right, so come in and see what everyone's been talking about at the premiere martial arts training in Warwick. We offer classes in Kenpo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and traditional Iaido. ....

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  • What are you waiting for?????

    What are you waiting for?????

    Hi folks, well the winter is finally winding down (hopefully!) and its time to start your New Years resolution!! Maybe its to lose some weight, maybe its to get into shape, maybe it's both, well have I got the answer for you!! Martial arts training!!! Yep right here at West Bay Martial arts academy the premier martial arts studio in Warwick! Were starting the spring off with a bang!!! That's right, were offering new classes for beginners and have expanded our class line up offering you more times to get your workout in. come try us out I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. ....

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  • Staring the New Year off right!!

    Staring the New Year off right!!

    Hi there!! Are you looking to get into shape and and maybe lose a few pounds for the summer, while learning a self defense in a very friendly family based noncompetitive environment? Well i have the answer for you!! Take advantage of our 2 week unlimited workout trial offer today in any one of our exciting programs! Sign up today!!! ....

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  • Start the New Years off with a kick, new classes enrolling now!!

    Start the New Years off with a kick, new classes enrolling now!!

    Its time to start the New Years off right at the best studio around!We train in both modern combat systems like Chinese kenpo karate and Jiu jitsuas well as old school Koryu arts like ,Iaido and Iaijutsu giving you the best of both worlds. Come down and find out what martial arts training can do for you today!! ....

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  • Fantastic Fall!!!

    Fantastic Fall!!!

    Hi Folks,well it's been a FANTASTIC fall season here at West Bay Martial Arts Academy! If you weren't here boy did you miss out, we had guest instructor Larry Lauer come in and help us hone our Kenpo karate skills! It was an absolute blast, a big thank you to Master Lauer for coming in. We can't wait for the next one . Then our Adaptive Kenpo karate students really rocked with a phenomenal job on the fall rank promotions, we're so proud of those students! Congratulations to you all keep up the good work. Make martial arts your New Year's resolution by training at the best studio around!! Happy holidays from all of us at West Bay Martial Arts !!!! ....

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  • October madness

    October madness

    What an incredible month October was at the Academy! Our fall open house and demonstrations were an absolute blast!A big congratulations too all that tested and were promoted to their next belts. November is going to be even better, stay tuned! To stay up to date on all offers and our classes check out our Facebook page or give us a call today ....

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  • Fall is here!!!!

    Fall is here!!!!

    Happy Fall! Great new things are happening at West Bay Martial Arts Academy, we've just added new classes to our fall line up offering you more opportunity's to train at the best studio around! Check out our new schedule today! Also new we've added our own facebook members only page where you can learn added techniques for free as a member! So what are you waiting for ??? Call today to schedule a free introductory class! ....

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  • Great things happing at West bay martial arts

    Hi Y'all well as this summer comes to close its time to get back in the dojo,we have a great new schedule coming out in September to offer more classes for your convenience were also scheduled some great guest instructors, and a seminar as well!! please keep us on you favorite's and check back often you won't want to miss these great training opportunity's!! As always you don't need to be a member to come to anyone of our seminars there open to all!! Stay cool! ....

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