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West Bay Martial Arts

Warwick's Best Jiu-Jitsu And Self-Defense Training

Welcome to West Bay Martial Arts, where we're offering you access to some of the world's most traditional self-defense systems. From our Jiu-Jitsu Combatives and Chinese Kenpo Karate to our Iaido Japanese Sword Training, you can master every element of these effective Martial Arts systems and keep yourself safe in any situation. Plus, we are proud to offer an incredible Teen Martial Arts program for students of all skill levels and abilities and a comprehensive Adaptive Martial Arts program for students with special needs. We are committed to offering the highest quality training in town and we work every day to make it accessible to everyone in Warwick. Learn more about our system or GET STARTED TODAY by filling out the short form on your screen!

Our Expert Team

Our school is a proud International Karate Connection affiliate and we take that distinction seriously. We're committed to offering you the best instruction in town with a team that brings decades of experience to the table.


Our Core Values

We deeply value the core skills instilled by traditional martial arts disciplines from around the world. From respect and concentration to real-world self-defense, there's no better way to face life's challenges than with the help of high-quality martial arts skills.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make our classes accessible to everyone in town. That means scaling and modifying each movement and technique to meet the needs of all skills and abilities. And in our Adaptive Karate class, we offer special needs students a customized approach to exciting classes and skills.


Our Promise

We pledge to maintain a safe and supportive facility every day that you're with us. From day one, you'll be welcomed and supported as a member of our family. Train, grow, and get in great shape in no time with a community that has your back every step of the way.

Teen Martial Arts

Teen Martial Arts  in Warwick - West Bay Martial Arts

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu  in Warwick - West Bay Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts  in Warwick - West Bay Martial Arts

Master Self-Defense, Competition Training, And More!

Meet our Instructors

David Ghigliotty

David Ghigliotty in Warwick - West Bay Martial Arts
Jason LaRose , West Bay Martial Arts testimonialS

Excellent mix of traditional martial arts with modern styles into a cohesive system for all-around self defense. With a blend of karate, Japanese jiu-jitsu, judo, grappling and modern weapon defense you really can't go wrong in developing yourself into a capable martial artist. It shouldn't just be .... Read more

Jason LaRose

Al Corrente , West Bay Martial Arts testimonialS

Lots of great times. Great balance of intense training with intense fun! I'm honored to be part of this dojo. .... Read more

Al Corrente

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